Dear Fellow Guitarist,

About 25 years ago I started playing guitar knowing only a few chords and whatever my friends showed me. It wasn't until I took private lessons that I was able to put my practice time to good use.

To learn anything well enough to enjoy it takes time, patience, inspiration and direction. You learn much faster if you're shown the right stuff. Believe me, I floundered playing 10 chords for a long time.

I want to help you develop your guitar playing ability to be able to enjoy it, no matter what that level may be. I have not found any activity that brings such satisfaction, for me and for others that I share it with.

I am enthusiastic and committed to teaching you the best of what I know. If you have the time and desire, please contact me. Learning guitar may change your life; it did mine.

Best of luck on your musical journey,

Rick Mollindo B.A.
Life Long Guitar Player
(760) 565-8396

Guitar Lessons at Your Home

Basic Skills
Open Chords
Music Notation, Chord Charts, Tablature
Finger Picking
Assigned and Student Chosen Songs
Intermediate Skills
Note Reading
Scales-Major, Minor, Pentatonics, Blues
Barre Chords
Music Theory Harmony
Assigned and Student Chosen Songs
Advanced Skills
Special Scales for Chord Progressions-Solos for Rock
Music in Two Voices-Classical, Fingerstyle Music
Left Hand Postions
Reading Music Scores
Playing with Accompaniment-Jamming with others
Areas of Specific Interest

Although all topics are important, not every aspect may
interest you. Depending on what you want to accomplish,
I will create a program to your specific musical interest,
so you can enjoy playing what you want, in the comfort
of your home.

All learning materials provided, including workbooks,
music sheets, individualized CD-ROM or Download
from Internet for specific practice at no extra cost to you.

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